A Christian Journey

Profess To Know God

“They profess to know God, to recognize, perceive and be acquainted with Him, but deny, disown, and renounce Him by what they do; they are detestable, loathsome, unbelieving, disobedient, disloyal, rebellious, they are unfit and worthless for good work, deed or enterprise of any kind.”   Titus 1:16  Amplified

These are pretty harsh words, no one wants be called detestable, loathsome or worthless.  Let’s look at the other words Paul uses, though, unbelieving, disobedient, disloyal, rebellious.  Can we say we have never been any of those?   I know I have.  I have doubted God, did something I knew I shouldn’t have done, chosen other things over God and the study of His word, and in my past turned my back on Him.   When we were in our sinful state we were all of the above.

Today’s verse is from Titus 1:16, because there is no 3:16 verse, there’s not even a 2:16 verse, but 1:16 seemed to yell at me.  Maybe because before I truly opened my heart to Jesus I would have said I knew God.  I believed He existed and I understood Jesus died on the cross for us all.   So I had a head knowledge of God and Jesus, but were They living in my heart, guiding my steps, helping me to have a better life?  No.

We must be careful when we say we KNOW God, if He is not Lord of our life.  We may know of Him, but to really KNOW someone they will be an intricate part of our life and with God He wants to be the driving force in our life.

This verse says that we renounce God by what we do.  Self examination is the best tool a Christian should have, and the standard to compare your self to is the Lord, not others.  So ask yourself when you’re about to do something, would Jesus do this?   Now obviously they didn’t have some of the things back then that we have now, but the same principles apply.  Jesus wasn’t on Facebook, but I’m sure he wouldn’t use profanity if He had been.  Same thing with pretty much everything else.  Always remember, Jesus is with you all the time, He sees and hears everything you do anyway.

If we say we know God, then let’s walk our life out in a way that will be pleasing to Him.


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