A Christian Journey

God’s Temple

“Do you not discern and understand that you, the whole church of Corinth, are God’s temple, His sanctuary, and that God’s Spirit has His permanent dwelling in you, to be at home in you, collectively as a church and also individually.”   1 Corinthians 3:16  Amplified

Paul is credited with writing most of the new testament, after the four gospels.  In the third chapter of 1 Corinthians he starts out telling them that they are spiritual babies needing to be fed milk.  Unfortunately most christians still today are in that same category.  Most go for their Sunday morning bottle feeding expecting that to sustain them all week, when they have a bounty to feast on in their own Bible.

Paul also told that early church that he couldn’t feed them solid food because they weren’t ready for it yet.  He said they were unspiritual in nature because they were controlled by their flesh and it’s impulses.   Our human tendency is to be driven by our feelings and emotions, both of those are untrustworthy.  As believers we are now spiritual beings and have a new life in Christ not to follow the urgings of the flesh.   When you are motivated by feelings or emotions stop and ask yourself, what is driving this, my spirit or my flesh?  It’s usually your flesh, so get into the spirit, seek God, and calm down.

In our verse today Paul is telling the church at Corinth that they belong to God. His temple is the church as a whole and in each of us individually, so treat both with respect.  What some do their own bodies no one would dream of doing to a church building.  We must see both as God’s temple to honor and respect. 

There’s also comfort in this verse because it says God’s Spirit has His permanent dwelling in you.


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