A Christian Journey

It Dashes Them To Pieces

“Destruction, as it dashes them to pieces, and misery mark their ways.”  Romans 3:16

All of us prefer the love and peace of God, but for those who have not trusted in Him or worse have turned from Him, there is a sadder side.   That’s why you’ll hear people who don’t trust in Him only speak of the loving God.  I had someone ask me once why a loving God would send anyone to hell.   The answer is, God doesn’t SEND anyone to hell, they made that choice themself.  If you’re drowing and I throw you a life line, but you choose not to take it you will drown.  I didn’t make you drown, you made that choice yourself.

In the third chapter of Romans Paul is specifically talking to the Jews, but what he says applies to all of us.  The jews, however, thought they had a golden ticket to heaven because of their ancestry.  Paul advises them in verse 10 that “none is righteous, no not one.”  Our verse today is among the list of things the unrighteous do, but interestingly in the Amplified it says “as it dashes them to pieces”, they destroy themselves.  As always, though, God offers hope.  In verse 24 Paul says, “All are justified and made upright and in right standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His grace, His unmerited favor and mercy, through the redemption which is provided in Christ Jesus.”

As believers, once we realized what a scum sucking dog we were, we turned to Jesus for our salvation.  Now we can live out eternity in the love, joy and peace God provides.

Most people who are in sin, whatever that might be, know they are in sin.  We must pray for them and speak to them when the opportunity arises.  Speak to them of all the great things God is doing for you and if you speak of disobedience to God then tell them of yours.  Tell them how you felt before and after your salvation.  I believe most people want to be right with God, they are just too addicted to their sin to give it up.  Let your light shine so they can see how much happier they can be.


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