A Christian Journey

Greatness Is Fleeting

“You increased your merchants more than the visible stars of the heavens.  The swarming locust spreads itself and destroys, and then flies away.”   Nahum 3:16  Amplified

Many of the minor prophets have short books and several don’t have a 16th verse in the third chapter.  The book today that does have one, Nahum, tells about the destruction of Ninevah.  Even those who aren’t that knowledgable about the Bible will remember that city.  Jonah was sent there to preach repentance and they turned to God.  150 years later Nahum comes along and God has no more warning for the Ninevites.  He is about to destroy the city, for they returned to their wickedness and their king has been attacking Jerusalem.

Even though Ninevah was great and wealthy, God the creator of the universe was greater still.  Verse 1:5 states “The mountains tremble and quake before Him and the hills melt away, and the earth is upheaved at His presence – yes, the world and all that dwell in it.”

When we think we’re in control of our circumstances that’s when God will show us how mighty He is, we must always humble ourselves before Him.  Humble your self before you are humbled.


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