A Christian Journey


“The descendants of Jehoiakim; Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) his son, Zedekiah his son.”   1 Chronicles 3:16

Okay, we only thought it was tough to figure out what God was telling us in some of the last few 3:16 verses we read!  What can you do with today’s verse?  Well, at first I thought, everyone has a genealogy and no one wants to be left out, that’s good.  We may have a tough time pronouncing some of these names, but they might have a similar problem with ours.  (For me, I try not to let names bog me down, just change them in your mind to something familiar.)

Let’s try to dig a little bit deeper though, who are these guys?  We have to back to 2 Kings to find out, these fellows were kings over Judah, and they weren’t good ones either.  In fact God had had enough of the Jewish people and their evil rulers so he allowed them to be taken into captivity to Babylon.  They were slaves again.  It’s interesting to me that they were slaves to their own selfish desires in disobedience to God and as a consequence became slaves to an earthly ruler.  Something similar happens with us too.  When we’re in disobedience to God, we think we’re exercising our free will to do what we want, but we actually become enslaved to it.  Look at what is disobedience to God and see with your spiritual eyes the addictions and problems they bring about.   People like to say, oh I can quit whatever whenever I want to, but most they really know they can’t.

The Amplified Bible says of 1 Chronicles, “The two books of Chronicles serve as both warning and encouragement to the Jews to be faithful to the covenant.”  As a believer it should do the same thing for us.  Disobedience brings about enslavement, but faith in God brings about restoration and true freedom.


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