A Christian Journey

Seek Wisdom

“Then two women who had become mothers out of wedlock came and stood before the king.”   1 Kings 3:16

Just to back up a bit, in the preceeding chapter God anoints Solomon to be king and tells him he can ask for whatever he wants.  Solomon was truly wise before God filled him with even greater wisdom, for he asked for wisdom instead of riches or power. 

The verse today gives us an example of Solomon’s great wisdom.  It comes from the story of two women who both claimed a child was theirs.  How could he know who the real mother was.  So Solomon commands the child to be cut in two so each woman could have half.  The woman who was the real mother pleaded with Solomon not to do that, but instead give the child to the other woman to save the child’s life.  The other woman tells Solomon to proceed with dividing the child.  The king realizes that only the real mother would care more for the child’s life then whether she had him or not, and so gives the child to his mother. 

As we always ask, how can I apply this to my life today?  What I come away with is, be like Solomon and ask God for wisdom above everything else.  After Solomon asked for wisdom, God gave him riches and power.  I can’t guarantee you’ll get riches and power, but based on God’s word (Matthew 6:33) I can guarantee that God will supply your needs.


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