A Christian Journey

Here I Am

“But Eli called Samuel and said, Samuel, my son.  And he answered, Here I am.”   1 Samuel 3:16

The book of 1 Samuel starts the transition for the Israelites from the system of judges to a monarchy.  The verse today comes from the story of Samuel, at the time of verse 3:16 he was a young boy serving the priest Eli. 

As a little backstory, Hannah, Samuel’s mother had been barren for many years.  She had prayed to God asking Him for a son whom she vowed she would give back to God in His service.  God answered her prayer and, true to her vow, she brought Samuel to Eli the priest to start serving him.

One night God visited Samuel to tell him what He was going to do regarding Eli’s wicked sons.  Our verse today is Eli asking Samuel what God told him, for Eli knew that God had spoken to Samuel. 

Our human nature is especially prone to rear its ugly head when we have to do something difficult.  We can usually come up with a hundred excuses why we shouldn’t do something difficult instead of just doing it.  Samuel didn’t want to tell Eli what God said about his sons, verse 15 says he was afraid.  I don’t think he feared retribution from Eli, for Eli treated him well.  I think his fear was of hurting Eli.  Still when Eli called Samuel he replied, here I am, then he proceeded to tell him what God’s judgment was.

God calls us, as believers, to be subject to those in authority (1 Peter 2:13), as unto Him.  Samuel listened and obeyed Eli as if he were the Lord by saying here I am.  We obey those in authority trusting God He is directing our life.


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