A Christian Journey

How Have You Fared

“And when she came home, her mother-in-law said, How have you fared, my daughter?  And Ruth told her all that the man had done for her.”   Ruth 3:16   Amplified

The book of Ruth is a great book of the bible to read.  It’s an interesting story and it’s only four chapters.  As a woman who has a mother-in-law that she would follow anywhere, I can relate.

There are several interesting things of note to me in the story.  Ruth was not jewish, she married a jew.   Naomi’s home was Bethlehem.  Ruth seems to be a very humble person, reminding me of another woman who ended up in Bethlehem, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

As a quick summary to get us to our verse today.  After returning to Bethlehem, Ruth went to work in a relatives field to gather grain for them to eat.  The owner of the field is a man named Boaz, who we’re told is wealthy.  Boaz notices her and tells her not to go to any other fields, that she would be protected, he also tells his workers to leave her some of the grain.    At mealtime he invites her to eat with them.  Later after telling Naomi what happened, Naomi suggests Ruth get dressed up and smelling good so that when Boaz lies down that evening to sleep she can lie at his feet and cover them. I believe this showed Boaz that Ruth was a submissive woman.  He tells her that he appreciated what she did especially since she didn’t go after the young men, so Boaz must have been an older man.   Then he proceeds to tell her that there was another relative closer in kinship than himself that could help her and he would let that man know first before doing anything else to help them.  We see here that Boaz is a man of integrity.

That brings us to today’s verse.  Boaz was acting as a redeemer for Ruth and Naomi, two women alone with nothing much to their name, He stepped in to save them. 

The story has a happy ending.  The other relative didn’t want to get involved so Boaz was able to help the women, ultimately marrying Ruth.   She was King David’s great grandmother and in the lineage of Jesus.

So my question to you is, tell me all that the Man, Jesus, has done for you.


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