A Christian Journey

“The priest shall burn them on the altar as food; offered by fire, for a sweet and satisfying fragrance.  All the fat is the Lord’s.”  Leviticus 3:16   Amplified

As we continue looking at the verses in each book of the bible that are 3:16, today’s comes from Leviticus.

Now the book of Leviticus is basically the law or instruction book for the jews to follow in how they were to worship God.  In the verse today God has been telling them about offering animals as sacrifices to Him.  In reading the entire chapter it’s basically a butcher lesson, not my favorite.  I found it interesting though that God says, All the fat is the Lords.  What is fat?  Isn’t it excess?  For must of us we would love to give the Lord our fat, but you know what, we’d make more?  I believe He wanted the fat of the animal because it’s not good for us, neither is the blood. Verse 17 says “that you eat neither fat nor blood”.  

We know that the sacrificing of animals was a precurser for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  As believers we are to offer ourselves as a daily sacrifice to the Lord, giving of ourselves and denying our human nature to His direction.  We should offer ourselves as a sweet and satisfying fragrance to the Lord.

In applying today’s verse to our walk in todays world, we lay our lives on God’s altar, faithfully walking through the fires of tribulation and trouble in faith to please Him.

So don’t think of your fat, think of the sweet and satisfying fragrance you are to the Lord.


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