A Christian Journey

He Will Guard You

“You will guard me and keep me in perfect and constant peace when my mind, its inclination and character, is stayed on You, because I commit myself to You, lean on You, and hope confidently in You.”   Isaiah 26:3

We all want peace, sometimes we fight to get it, which obviously is conterproductive.  Todays verse is how we get peace and keep it, when your mind, its inclination and character is stayed on God.

It all starts in the mind, that’s the seat of our decision making.  We have to decide when unpeaceful situations pop up to keep our mind on God.  Turn the situation over to Him to handle, He’ll do it, He wants to do it.  The trouble is we like handling things, like a two year old we say “I do it myself”.  He knows, like a parent, the best way to handle it. 

Ironically, don’t we even say to ourselves or others that we wish we could turn this situation, whatever it may be, over to someone else to handle.  WELL DO IT!  Step back, take a deep breath and give it to God.  Even if you have to do it more than once, keep doing it and believing He will handle it, He will.

Then you can rest in your peace.


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