A Christian Journey

Healing Power

“A gentle tongue with it’s healing power is a tree of life, but willful contrariness in it breaks down the spirit.”  Proverbs 15:4

We have healing power and a tree of life available to us in a gentle tongue.  So why don’t we always use a gentle tongue?  I believe all of human suffering is from P-R-I-D-E!

Hey, I’m guilty too!  If someone does something to me that I don’t think is fair, my hackles go up and I tend to respond in anger.  We usually justify it by saying it’s our nature.  Well even though our human nature, the flesh, does respond in an incorrect way, that doesn’t make it right.  As we all know anger isn’t a gentle tongue, the two are polar opposites.  God’s word never allows for justification in the way we act, we are only justified for our sin nature through the blood of Jesus.

So how do we have a gentle tongue when our flesh reacts so quickly?  Staying in God’s word helps tremendously.  We are creatures of culture, the world’s culture says to look out for number one.  God’s culture says to humble yourself and put others first.  We tend to react to the culture we live in, where are you living?

Seek that healing power and the tree of life.


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