A Christian Journey

“And they were continually in the temple celebrating with praises and blessing and extolling God.”   Luke 24:53

The books of Luke and John record the longest descriptions of Jesus resurrection and meeting with His disciples.  The verse today is the closing verse on Luke’s description.  

Jesus appeared several times to the disciples, He also ate with them, showed them His hands and feet, and told them to touch Him to see that He was real and alive.

Verse 45 states “then He thoroughly opened up their minds to understand the scriptures”.  He instructed them to tell all nations about repentance and forgiveness, that they were witnesses of those things.   He told them to wait in Jerusalem for the power sent from God.  As He invoked a blessing on them, He was lifted up to heaven.   They worshipped Him and returned to Jerusalem to wait for the promise.

The verse today states they were continually celebrating.  No matter what’s going on in your life today, you can be in continual celebration as a believer, because you have eternal life.  On one appointed day your earthly trapping will be gone and you will be with Him in paradise forever.  Hallelujah!!!!


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