A Christian Journey

Don’t Be Gloomy

“And whenever you are fasting, don’t look gloomy, sour and dreary like the hypocrites, for they put on a dismal countenance, that their fasting may be apparent to and seen by men.  Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full already.”  Matthew 6:16

This is Jesus talking, it’s part of the Sermon on the Mount, our guidelines for life.  He’s saying to try as best you can to not let anyone know that you are fasting.  If you carry yourself as you usually would, no one will know that you are fasting unless you tell them.  If you tell others in either words or by appearance, then He is saying you have your reward.  He goes on to say, in verse 18, that if you fast so that no one knows it or you don’t announce it, then your Father Who sees in secret will reward you in the open.

What would you rather have?  Praise from other people or God?

Don’t be gloomy, be happy in service to the King!


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