A Christian Journey

Think On These Things

“whatever is true, worthy of reverence, honorable and seemly, just, pure, lovely and lovable, kind, winsome, gracious, of any virtue and excellance, anything worthy of praise, think on, weigh and take account of these things, fix your minds on them.”  Philippians 4:8

This verse follows the disertation where Paul encourages the church at Philippians not to be anxious or fret.  So here he is telling them what to do instead, and so should we.  When your mind starts to wander off into worrying or thinking about what is going on in your life that troubles you, then just think of things that fit the categories given above.

His final words from this verse admonish us to “fix” our mind on them.  Too often we “fix” our minds on all the troubles in our life and the world, which will only bring us down.  You must realize this is one of the enemies primary tools to harm us, then “fix” your mind to “fix” on all of the wonderful things listed in this verse.  Write the verse down and carry it with you so that when your mind begins to wander into the quicksand of bad thoughts, you can pull yourself out with God’s help.  He is your lifeguard.


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