A Christian Journey

“Profound and reverent fear seized them all, and they began to recognize God, praise Him and give thanks saying, A great Prophet has appeared among us! God has visited His people in order to help, care for and provide for them!”   Luke 7:16  Amplified

As we step into the Lenten season we are preparing our hearts for the glory of God.  His ultimate purpose for coming to earth, to save us all from our sins.

As a protestant, lent has never been a big event, but growing up in a predominantly catholic city, New Orleans, I know what it’s all about.  The day after the big party called Mardi Gras, they would go get the ashes on their forehead and then give up something.  It was usually sweets or meat or some other form of food.  Maybe some wouldn’t do a normal activity like go to the movies or watch tv.  I believe some gave up things they didn’t care for that much anyway, but others had a sincere attitude of wanting to give up something they liked because Jesus gave His life for us.

I’ve been thinking about that as we start lent tomorrow and maybe I’ll get more into something instead of giving up something.  I’ll set aside time to study God’s word so that I can be more like Him.  In a way I AM giving up something, my time, but I know I’ll gain so much more.  Please join me.


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