A Christian Journey

Rise Up!

“Rise up! Come to my help, and deliver me for Your mercy’s sake and because of Your steadfast love!”  Psalm 44:26

I must confess right away that I took a little liberty with the verse above.  It is written in the plural tense, our and us, but I changed it to the singular tense, my and me, for emphasis.  It helps me so much more if I read scripture and put myself in it by using the singular tense or even putting in my name.  It makes it so personal and it makes me feel like God is talking directly to or about me. 

When I read the first sentence, rise up, I though it meant for me to do that, but that’s not what the meaning is, if you read the rest of the verse.  The writer is imploring God to “rise up” and come to their aid.  Isn’t that what we do in prayer, call out to Him for help.

He will do it too, because He loves mercy and because of His steadfast love!  You can always count on God.


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