A Christian Journey

No Love

“For if you love those who love you, what reward can you have? Do not even the tax collectors do that?”  Matthew 5:46  (Amplified)

This verse is part of Jesus’ sermon on the mount which is loaded with guidance on how we should behave every day.  He is saying even when we were unbelievers we cared and loved for those who loved and cared for us, that’s natural.  Now we are to be supernatural!  As believers we must step up in maturity and love those who may not be so kind to us, or who may be down right mean to us.    Jesus tells us in verse 44 to love our enemies and pray for those who are mean to us.  Now maybe you don’t have too many “enemies”, but just about everyone has people in their lives who don’t love or even like them.

I have a hard time loving the unlovable, but I am able to do it through God’s grace.  I know it is more pleasing to Him that I seek peace and allow Him to love them through me. 

When you find it hard to love someone, put them in Jesus’ hands because ultimately it is between them and God, not you and them.  You are not responsible for what someone does to you, but you are responsible for how you act toward them.

It’s a spiritual battle, especially if you are dealing with an unbeliever.  Jesus said – forgive them for they know not what they do.


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