A Christian Journey

He Who Merely Hears

“But he who merely hears and does not practice doing My words is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation, against which the torrent burst, and immediately it collapsed and fell, and the breaking and ruin of that house was great.”  Luke 6:49

Jesus came to give us eternal life but He also came to teach us how to enjoy the life we have here.  He was a servant Who came to take care of others.  He healed and met others needs, we are to be servants like Him.

In today’s verse He tells us that WE must do what He did.   Now no one I know has healing power in his or her hands, but we have the healing power of prayer in His name.   We must not merely sit in the pews every Sunday and listen to the preacher share God’s word, or even read it daily ourselves without putting what we read or hear into practice.  Look around you and the people you know, are there any needs you can meet?  We must go about doing good as He did, and not just to family and friends but to strangers.

Oh, one additional benefit of doing this is that when you think about others it gets your mind off yourself and you will feel a lot better.


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