A Christian Journey

The Blessing Of God

“And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace – favor and spiritual blessing – of God was upon Him.”   Luke 2:40  (Amplified)

When looking at Jesus life there is a period between the age of 12 and 30 that are known as the lost years.  We don’t know anything about that time period.  Some wonder what He was doing and where He was.  There is also another period not often discussed and that is between His birth and the age of 12.   Now obviously He was with His parents as He would likely be too young to have left them.

I believe the answer to the first span of years goes right along with the answer to the second span of years.  He grew and became strong, filled with wisdom and grace.   Prior to Jesus coming to earth He had seen us from afar, in the heavenly places.  On earth though, He was rubbing shoulders with us.  The scriptures say He was tested and tried just like we are.  I believe that is when all of that testing and trial came.  Surely you can think back to all that you went through before you turned 30 and by that time you had learned a lot.  

From age one to 29 He came to know us so much better, like a king who lowered himself to live as a peasant among his people.

Emmanuel – God with us.


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