A Christian Journey

It Was Of The Lord

“His father and mother did not know that it was of the Lord…..”   Judges 14:4

Just like a typical child Samson was not content to look for a wife in his own town, or his own people, he went elsewhere.  Though his parents protested, they agreed to his choice.  The interesting part in this is that his parents did not realize that the Lord was using this for His glory.  They actually thought their son was making a bad choice.

Now this certainly isn’t a justification for making bad choices but, even in our own lives we can look back and see that what was a bad choice helped us.  If we are smart we learn from our mistakes.  That brings to mind the verse in Romans 8:28 that says “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.”  God has a plan and He works things together for His glory and our good.

Though Samson’s parents didn’t think his choice was good, they had faith in God and that is what we must do as well.  When we trust Him He can work.


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