A Christian Journey

Actuated By Faith

“Actuated by faith Joseph, when nearing the end of his life, referred to the promise of God for the departure of the Israelites out of Egypt….” Hebrews 11:22

Joseph’s story is an amazing story of faith.  I often wonder, when my faith is tested, how he was able to have such great faith.  His story starts in Genesis 37.  Most people have heard of him because of the multi colored coat, or as the show was known on Broadway, the technicolor coat, that his father made for him.  His brothers were jealous of him and were going to kill him, but his oldest brother talked them into just selling him into slavery.  As a household slave the homeowners wife took a shine to him and tried to get him to lay with her, but he wouldn’t so she accused him of trying to rape her.  He was thrown into prison and kept there 13 years.  While there, he helped a fellow inmate interpret a dream.  When the man was released to work in Pharoah’s palace, Joseph asked him to tell Pharoah about him, but the man didn’t do it.  Several more years passed and when Pharoah started having dreams the man remembered Joseph.  He was brought to Pharoah and interpreted the rulers dream.  The king was so happy, and he saw how smart Joseph was so he put Joseph as second in command over Egypt.  Famine later came to the land and Joseph was able to save his brothers and their families from starvation.

All along the way wrong was done to Joseph and when he became powerful he could have taken revenge against them all, but he didn’t.  In fact one of the last words in the book of Genesis Joseph says, “As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good.”

There are so many lessons to learn from this great pillar of faith.


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