A Christian Journey

Your Inheritance

“He who overcomes shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he will by my son.”  Revelation 21:7

When we think of overcoming, we usually think of obstacles, some struggle that we are going through.  It might be a physical illness, financial debt, or relational problems.  Some might even feel, as the jews did when Jesus first came to earth, that it was a great oppressor.  For me, this great oppressor is me.

My pride causes me more problems than anyone else I know.   While pride makes sure we go out looking good and smelling good, as well as for the most part behaving well with others, pride can be our worst enemy.  When we are in conflict with others pride has usually brought us there and will keep us there if we let it.  Sometimes we take care of ourselves just a little too much. 

If we are watching out for number one and taking care of ourselves so that no one takes over, then we have become our idol.  Where is the trust in God?  When Jesus said we have overcome in this verse, I believe that to mean, we have overcome self.


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