A Christian Journey

Spiritual Blessings

“Praise God Who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm.”   Ephesians 1:3

Man has searched the universe for a planet like ours to live on or that others may be living on, yet to find it, primarily because of our need for oxygen.  On earth we tend to take oxygen for granted, our bodies breathe automatically, we don’t even think about it, yet if we did not have it we would not live for long.

Oxygen is the physical gift from God that allows us to live and be active.  The spiritual blessing in this verse is the supernatural air we breathe that God gives us to live and move according to His will.  This spiritual air frees us from the boundaries of this earth so that we are no long slaves to the flesh.

Take a deep breath today of God’s supernatural air in Christ.


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