A Christian Journey

A New Creation

“Therefore if any person is in Christ they are a new creation, a new creature altogether, the old moral and spiritual condition has passed away.  Behold! The fresh and new has come.”  2 Corinthians 5:17

I love butterfly’s, always have, they are so light and seem to float and flit around without a care in the world.  I used to want to be one, to be so free of the cares of this world.  Now I have an even greater love for them because they represent me and the change that has happened in my life.

We all know that butterfly’s start out as caterpillars, crawling along the ground or on a tree branch held down by gravity and all the confines of earth.  That’s what I was like before Jesus, just crawling around going from here to there but never getting anywhere.   Like the caterpillar spun its cocoon to make the change, I opened my heart to the Lord.  Both of us were changed by the wonder of God into new creatures to fly above the earth, the physical, and soar up closer to God.


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