A Christian Journey

I Am He

“(Jesus is speaking) God is a spirit, a spiritual Being, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  The woman said to Him, I know that Messiah is coming.  He Who is called the Christ, the Anointed One, and when He arrives, He will tell us everything we need to know and make it clear to us.  Jesus said to her, I Who now speak with you am He.”  John 4:24-26

We are nearing the end of the story of the woman at the well and her conversation with Jesus.  In verse 23 He told her that the true worshipers will worship God in spirit and in truth.  In then in verse 24 He breaks it down even more for her by explaining that God is a spiritual Being.  Like talking to someone who speaks another language, you must speak to God in a spiritual language.  We also “talk” to God with all that we say and do everyday.

At last she gets to the point of the story, the discussion of the Messiah and Jesus tells her point blank that He is the Messiah. What does she do with that information?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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