A Christian Journey

The Best Defense

“And David said to Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord.  And Nathan said to David, The Lord also has put away your sin, you shall not die.”   2 Samuel 12:13

The bible is full of stories, some we know well like the one related in this verse – the story of David and Bathsheba.  This story may very well have birthed the creation of soap operas as it is a torrid tale of lust, love, murder and mayhem.   What we need to see from the story is that it is all about sin which continues to plague us today.   Though most of us have never even considered the things that David did, we need to look closely at the underlying reasons any of it happened to begin with.   For just like David’s sin it is always lying at our door looking to come in and take over.

First, there is idleness.  In 2 Samuel 11:1 it says, “In the spring when kings go forth to battle, David sent the men…..but he remained.”   David should have gone out with the other men to do battle for the Lord, as we should seek to do spiritual battle for the Lord.   Be on the lookout, when you are tempted to be idle when you know you should be active, watch carefully what comes next around the corner.  What is the old saying, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  It is true, we must keep our minds and hearts busy with doing what is pleasing to God, then there will be no room for those “other thoughts” to creep in.

Taking my cue from soap operas, tomorrow we will continue this, and look at the next step in falling prey to sin.


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